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Welcome to Aerterra Ltd

Aerterra Ltd focuses on providing key technical and operational consultancy regarding Air Land Integration (ALI) within the defence/security sectors.

Aerterra provides advice regarding all facets of ALI:

•  Joint Fires (JF), including Joint Fires Integration;
•  Battlespace Management (BM)
•  Joint Battlespace Management (JBM)
•  Recognised Air Picture (RAP) compilation, dissemination and use;
Common Operating Picture (COP) compilation, dissemination and use;
Intelligence Surveillance Target Acquisition and Reconnaissance (ISTAR) in the Land Environment (LE);
Remote Viewing Terminal (RVT) Interoperability (IO)/ Capabilities;
•  Use of Tactical Data Links (TDL) within the Land Environment such as Link 16 (L16), Variable Message Format (VMF), Link 11 (L11) and TDL Gateways;
•  Integration of TDLs with Land Environment (LE) Command and Control (C2) Systems

•  What is Air Land Integration (ALI)?