Adam Stevens

Adam’s full CV can be found here: Adam Stevens CV

Adam started his working life as a telephone engineer in 1981 at the age of 16, completing a 3 year apprenticeship with British Telecommunications (BT).  Having worked for BT for a total of 5 years Adam decided that building telephone exchanges was not really that interesting and decided to become a self-employed telecommunications engineer, during which he worked as a prototype wireman for Thorn EMI, at what was to become the Thales site in Wells, Somerset, and as an engineer at Rolls Royce, Bristol.

During his early working life Adam also found time to join the Territorial Army (Royal Corps of Transport).  Having tasted Army life Adam decided to join the RAF and was commissioned into the Fighter Control Branch in 1987.  Adam’s first role was as a Bloodhound Surface to Air Missile controller with the mighty 85 Squadron and was based at RAF Stations West Raynham, North Coates and Wattisham.  Unfortunately after 4 years successfully defending the UK from attack the Government of the day decided to scrap the Bloodhound (arguably the only true all-weather fighter in the RAF’s inventory) which meant that Adam retrained as an Intercept Controller, a role which involved controlling fighter aircraft to intercept the enemy.

Adam Stevens 16 Air Assault Brigade

Adam whilst serving with 16 Air Assault Brigade

Over the next decade Adam performed many operational roles within the Fighter Control Branch including Identification Officer, Surveillance Director and Tactical Radar Operator before specialising in Battlespace Management.  Adam’s relationship with the Army was then rekindled as he deployed with UK Land Forces during the second Gulf War (Operation TELIC), spent 3 years teaching Battlespace Management to all 3 services and was then posted to 16 Air Assault Brigade (16 AAB) as Officer Commanding Air Manoeuvre Recognised Air Picture (AMRAP) Flight, which was at the very forefront of developing ALI capability in the Land Environment.

During his time with 16 AAB Adam deployed to Afghanistan during the UK’s Helmand break-in operations.  He was responsible for establishing the Air Space Coordination Cell (ASCC) in Regional Command South (RCS) and for making the Joint Fires processes work quickly and safely.

Adam decided to leave the RAF having returned from Afghanistan and joined 3SDL Ltd and was initially employed as the Training Manager whilst the Company’s Air Land Integration arm was being established.  Since then Adam’s ability to ‘Parlez Pongo’ (understand Army speak) has seen him intimately involved with many Air Land Integration projects throughout Scandinavia, the Middle East and UK.

After almost 5 very happy years with 3SDL Adam decided that it was time that he once again ‘danced to his own tune’ and established Aerterra Ltd in 2011.

Being of the ginger persuasion Adam was extremely lucky in finding a lovely wife who is profoundly colour blind.

Adam’s lifelong interests include photography, motorcycling, mollycoddling his beloved Jaguar and disappearing into his garage for days on end to do ‘stuff’.

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